Is there going to be a Season 4 of Big Sky?

Big Sky Season 4: Renewed or Cancelled?

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Big Sky is a crime-drama thriller series on ABC, created by David E. Kelley and inspired by C. J. Box’s The Highway novels. It follows the adventures of ex-cop Jenny Hoyt and private investigator Cassie Dewell, who team up to solve various mysteries and crimes in Montana. The show debuted on November 17, 2020, and received mixed to positive feedback from critics and viewers. The third season concluded on January 18, 2023, after airing from September 21, 2022. If you are wondering when the fourth season will be released, you are in luck.

We have gathered all the information we could find about the Big Sky Season 4 release date and whether it is happening or not.

Will there be a Big Sky season 4?

ABC has recently announced the cancellation of the show after its third season. Despite the show’s initial popularity and ratings, its viewership has notably declined since its successful first season. In fact, “Big Sky” has become one of the lowest-rated scripted series on ABC this season, airing only 13 episodes compared to 18 in each of its first two seasons.

Additionally, the economic challenges associated with producing a drama series in its fourth season, along with rumors of on-set tensions, have further diminished the likelihood of its renewal. Given these factors, it was highly unlikely that the drama would be renewed for a fourth season, as confirmed during the upfronts.

Big Sky Season 4 Plot: What’s next?

Big Sky Season 4 Plot: What's next? | AWSMONE

The plot would heavily depend on how season 3 concluded. In the 13 episodes of season 3, new characters, locations, mysteries, and dangers were introduced for Jenny and Cassie to navigate. The season followed their collaboration with Sheriff Beau Arlen (Jensen Ackles) and his wife Sunny Barnes (Reba McEntire) as they investigated a series of murders tied to a mysterious cult in Texas. The aftermath of Ronald Pergman’s escape and the fate of Mark Lindor were also explored.

Considering these elements, we can speculate that season 4 will continue delving into the dark secrets and crimes that permeate the world of Big Sky. Jenny and Cassie may encounter fresh adversaries, forge alliances, and confront familiar foes. They could face personal trials and dilemmas that strain their friendship and partnership. Regardless of the specifics, we can anticipate that season 4 will deliver more thrilling and jaw-dropping moments, ensuring that viewers remain on the edge of their seats.

Big Sky Season 4 Release Date: Is Big Sky coming back in 2023?

Big Sky Season 4 Release Date | AWSMONE

Big Sky fans, we have some bad news for you. The show will not be returning for a fourth season, as ABC pulled the plug on the crime drama after three seasons.

The cancellation was announced in May 2023, along with two other ABC dramas: Alaska Daily and The Company You Keep. The reason behind the decision was likely the declining ratings of the show, which started off strong but lost steam over time. The season 3 finale, which aired in January 2023, was watched by only 2.5 million viewers, down from 4.1 million for the series premiere.

The show’s star, Katheryn Winnick, who played Jenny Hoyt, seemed to have hoped for a different outcome. In January 2023, she shared some photos with her co-star Jensen Ackles, who played Beau Arlen, on Instagram. “That’s a wrap on BIG SKY 3. Hope to see you all next year,” she wrote in the caption, hinting at a possible renewal.

The show also featured Kylie Bunbury as Cassie Dewell, Dedee Pfeiffer as Denise Brisbane, Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Tonya Walsh, J. Anthony Pena as Deputy Mo Poppernak, Reba McEntire as Sunny Barnes, and many others.

How many seasons of the Big Sky are there?

Three seasons of Big Sky have aired on ABC. The first season consisted of 16 episodes from November 17, 2020, to May 18, 2021. The second season consisted of 13 episodes from September 30, 2021 to January 20, 2022. The third season consists of 18 episodes and aired from September 21, 2022 to February 23, 2023. Each season has a different subtitle that reflects its main storyline: Highway (season 1), Dark Horse (season 2), and Deadly Trails (season 3).

Is there a spin-off to Big Sky?

There is no official confirmation of a spin-off to Big Sky yet, but there are some rumors that ABC might be considering one. ABC was developing a potential spin-off series called Dark Highway, focusing on Ronald Pergman’s backstory and his involvement in a series of murders nationwide. The spin-off would have been based on another novel by C.J. Box called Back of Beyond, featuring Brian Geraghty reprising his role as Ronald. However, this project is still in its early stages and has yet to be given the green light.

Big Sky Season 4 Trailer: Is there a teaser?

There is no trailer or teaser for Big Sky Season 4. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for Big Sky Season 3 below:

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