Beis Its Time To Update Your Luggage

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It’s Time To Update Your Luggage

Your fashion sense changes from year to year, so your luggage should change every few years to keep up with things. Otherwise, the stylistic drift can make you look like you’re traveling with your mother’s carry-on before you realize it. Not only do new styles reflect your changing taste, they also provide you with organizational options you never had before.

Check-Ins & Carry-Ons

The minimal pieces needed for a full luggage set are a carry-on and a suitcase for checked baggage, which has a considerably higher weight limit. Finding a matched set is often a great way to save, but you can also mix and match for a more unique style that also lets you swap the carry-on roller for a tote or a laptop bag when you need a checked suitcase but you don’t need two suitcases.

Carry-ons have a lot more diversity than they used to, with totes and backpacks that are built to work with the size, shape, and weight limitations imposed by overhead compartments. The term carry-on is specific, and it relates to those pieces, which means you might have one with or without a purse or laptop bag. In some cases, you might even need all three. Travel bags for women are usually sized to work with carry-on weight restrictions, which makes them bigger than the average handbag tote.

For maximum versatility, different bag types let you mix and match carry-on sizes when you are not flying and you do not have to limit yourself to just one. That can make carrying your own bags easier on trains or buses, or even while camping.

  • Tote
  • Backpack
  • Roller suitcase

One of each lets you carry as much as a checked bag, but more efficiently. If you’re on a road trip where you’ll be hauling bags between a motel room and a car, that makes a combination of two or three of these easier to handle than a single big suitcase for many travelers.

Everything Can Roll!

Rollers used to be a feature of luxury suitcases, but once they became common on carry-on luggage, they quickly became the standard for check in luggage as well. Some of this is due to changes in the design of rolling luggage. It’s a lot easier to make an economical suitcase that rolls on two large plastic wheels than it is to make one with casters that last through multiple rounds of baggage check.

Once that style caught on, there was enough diversity in roller design to make them possible in every luggage niche. You can even find travel totes with mini-roller casters in the bottom if you look hard enough.

Find the Bags To Suit Your Style

There are more colors, designs, and patterns for luggage today than there ever have been before. That makes it easier than ever to match your bags to your fashion sense. When you travel in style, it’s easier to keep yourself together because your bags look like they belong with you, so they stand out from the crowd as much as you do. Start shopping for your next luggage set today so you can stand out on your next trip.

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