Behind Your Touch Episode 3&4 Ending Explained: Losing Powers With Losing Lives

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Episodes 3 and 4 released of Behind Your Touch, this weekend were quite intriguing. With the possessive lover caught behind bars and a new friendship began the series is giving fans a lot of excitement. As Dr.Bo and Detective Moon are finally getting on the same page fans are more interested to see if there is a potential love story to it. As the last episode got fans on the hook of the new twist that will change the entire story. With another case piling up, a new test for Bo and Moon is about to knock on their doorstep.

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Behind Your Touch Episodes 3 and 4: Plot

As Episode 3 Behind Your Touch begins, Dr.Bo is thinking about what she saw when she touched her college mate accidentally. She immediately browses through MeTube and tries to find a clue. She even searches for more on the internet but could not find anything. She goes to Detective Moon for some help. She finds him terrified with something in his house which happens to be a cat. He tells her that he is allergic to animals.

Later Dr.Bo tells him that she believes that something is wrong with the girls and he must check the missing people report for some clue. Detective Moon doesn’t believe her and tells her to get out. She calls him out of the blue asking him if he is willing to catch up and meet while surveilling his house and meets him outside.

On the other hand, Detective Moon has somewhat tried to believe what Dr.Bo said but again ignores it thinking she must be crazy. Dr.Boo gets the idea that she must take a look at his pets to get something out of the girl. She does trick them with food but nothing is made out of that.

Behind Your Touch Episode 3&Amp;4 Ending Explained: Losing Powers With Losing Lives

In the meantime, the man enters his house and finds out that someone is inside. She quickly sneaks into his bathroom and escapes through a window attached to the frame. As she comes home Detective Moon sees her and helps her out from it. She tells him that she has seen what he did to a friend and got transferred to Mujin. He is amazed but doesn’t show it. Later he is caught by them.

Behind Your Touch Episode 4

In Episode 4 Detective Moon asks Dr.Bo about her powers. Can she look into the past and can see all that stuff by just touching people’s butts? He is shocked and amazed all at the same time. Later at the hospital, the live streamer who was rescued acted like it was a great opportunity to make this incident into raising donations. As Detective Moon wanted to ask questions of her, she acted like she didn’t care.

He goes to Dr.Boo and wants her to help him with cases. She is now and then put into trouble but Detective Moon is to rescue. As Dr.Boo is tired with lots of running she asks for help from the detective but he asks her to do a Shaolin technique that burns her fingers.

She is now not able to check animals and also can’t see people’s hidden memories as she has no fingerprints. On the other hand, Detective Moon gets a case of a congressman who is the candidate for the upcoming elections and his donations get stolen. This is the case that Detective Moon wants. He gets Dr.Boo to help him but it’s pointless now.

Behind Your Touch Episode 3&Amp;4 Ending Explained: Losing Powers With Losing Lives

As the scene changes in Behind Your Touch, Detective Moon and Dr.Bo go to public interaction with contesting candidates. Dr.Boo and Detective Moon make a diversion where fake supports start a fight and in that, Bo touches each one to see who has done the theft and it turns out to be his assistant was the one who stole his money. he did that for his wife’s treatment.

The scene again shifts to the store where the streamer goes to buy something and hit on the shopkeeper Woo(Dr. Bo’s crush) and gives him her number. As she drives, she meets with an accident. As she is waiting for someone from her insurance agent, she sees someone looking like a drunk and later is killed out of nowhere.

Behind Your Touch Ep-3&4: Ending Explained

Toward the end of Episode 3 Behind Your Touch, Dr.Bo and Detective Moon become good friends. As they catch the psychopath stalker, they try out to help each other. Dr.Boo has started to feel about Woo who may or may not be interested in her but she is.

In episode 4 Behind Your Touch a new twist is waiting for both of them. The scene shows the convenience store where the streamer goes shopping and tries to flirt with the store owner Woo (Dr. Bo’s crush) and gives her number. She had an accident while driving. While waiting to hear back from her insurance agent, she witnesses what appears to be a drunkard, after which she is killed out of nowhere.

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A life Saved But Lost Again

As Dr.Bo and Detective Moon are able to help the influencer from being killed; she is dead now. Episode 4 ended on that note and now this twist brings the city into the headlines. The last episode where the streamer dropped in to the convienece store and slipped her no. to Woo was the last time she was seen alive. New mysteries and lives are in danger. Both the detective and Boo have to solve this mystery.

It is not fully clear why an anonymous killer would kill a streamer out of nowhere. Were they related or it’s a joy to see blood filled out of human bodies? The upcoming episodes will be giving us a clear idea. Things are going to get a little tense now. Stay Tuned!!

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