Beetlejuice 2 Finally Happening: Jenna Ortega to Star

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It’s been over three decades since the release of the cult classic film “Beetlejuice”, and fans of the quirky and humorous story have been eagerly awaiting a Beetlejuice 2. And now, the wait is finally over as Warner Bros. has officially announced the sequel’s release date – September 6, 2024. This news has caused a buzz in the entertainment industry, and fans of the original movie are thrilled to see what the new installment will bring.

The original movie, directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Alec Baldwin, became a beloved classic due to its unique blend of humor, horror, and heart. The new movie promises to bring back the same zany energy and iconic characters, while also introducing fresh elements and surprises.

The Cast and Crew

The details of the movie’s plot are still shrouded in mystery, but we do know that Michael Keaton will be reprising his iconic role as Beetlejuice, and Justin Theroux is also joining the cast in an as-yet-unspecified role. Production on the film reportedly began on May 10, 2023, in London. While there’s been no word on whether certain beloved characters from the original Beetlejuice film will make an appearance, we can be sure that Ortega’s portrayal of Lydia’s daughter will be a highlight of the movie.

In addition to the returning cast members, the upcoming movie will also feature the talented Wednesday star Jenna Ortega, where she’ll be playing the daughter of Lydia Deetz (played once again by Winona Ryder).

Beetlejuice 2: Finally Happening After Years Of Speculation - Cast And Crew
Jenna Ortega And Justin Theroux

According to Deadline, filming for the movie began on May 10, 2023, in London. However, there has been no confirmation as to whether Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis will return as the lovable ghosts Adam and Barbara or if Catherine O’Hara will reprise her role as Delia Deetz. There is also no news about whether there will be any Harry Belafonte needle drops in the film.

The False Start

The announcement of the upcoming release of “Beetlejuice 2” has left fans ecstatic, but it’s not the first time that a sequel to the beloved Tim Burton comedy has been promised. In 2015, Winona Ryder shared during an interview with Late Night with Seth Meyers that “Beetlejuice 2” was “going to happen.” Tim Burton also hinted that the sequel was in the works, but in a 2016 interview with Collider, he clarified that reports of the sequel were premature. He did express his interest in revisiting “Beetlejuice,” but only under the right circumstances.

What to Expect

Currently, there is limited information on the plot of “Beetlejuice 2.” Nevertheless, fans of the original movie are anticipating that the sequel will resume where the first film ended, with Beetlejuice causing mayhem in the afterlife.

However, one aspect that is certain is that the movie will bear the unmistakable signature style of Tim Burton. His idiosyncratic artistic approach has been a defining feature of his films for years, and it’s probable that “Beetlejuice 2” will follow suit.

Beetlejuice 2 Finally Happening: Jenna Ortega To Star

With the announcement of the release date for “Beetlejuice 2,” fans are eager to see how the sequel will build upon the world and characters that were established in the first film. The original movie garnered a significant following and has become a classic in the genre of horror-comedy.

Thus, the sequel has significant expectations to live up to. However, with Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder returning to reprise their roles, and the addition of Jenna Ortega and Justin Theroux, there is a sense of optimism that the sequel will be just as entertaining and quirky as its predecessor. Fans of the original movie are looking forward to seeing what new and bizarre situations Beetlejuice will find himself in and how Lydia Deetz’s daughter will fit into the story.

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