Artificial Intelligence Creates Impressive Anime Scene

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A Twitter user proved with a video that artificial intelligence can create anime sequences. You can find the video at the end of the article.

Stunning Animation by Artificial Intelligence

AI programs have been on the rise lately, as they can create impressive anime illustrations that even make professional illustrators fear for their jobs. With a video, a Twitter user now showed that the end of the line is far from reached and even anime sequences can be created. But what exactly did he do?

The impressive thing is that the video sequence was created without a single drawing. With the help of the free software “MikuMikuDance”, he had a 3D dance created automatically. All he needed was a 3D model of Hatsune Miku, thousands and thousands of which can be found on the Internet. The software did the rest all by itself.

Since artificial intelligences can only create illustrations, he divided the 3D video into many individual image frames and had the AI process them individually. He then reassembled the resulting images into a video, resulting in an almost perfect anime sequence.

Artificial Intelligence Creates Impressive Anime Scene
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Not always the same result

In the video, you can see two parallel dancing Hatsune-Miku animations. On the left side is the 3D model of the free MMD software. On the right side the result of the AI. If you are wondering about the “flickering”, it is because the AI transforms each image independently and does not always get the same result, i.e. the same Hatsune Miku.

With a simple program that is used to create videos of Hatsune Miku, the possibility of creating an anime now opens up. Of course, instead of Hatsune Miku, you can use the 3D model of any other character. This fact has been commented on lively:

  • “Oh my god, this is a breakthrough in the animation world.”
  • “The progress is felt by leaps and bounds, in ten years AIs will be able to create their own anime without anyone being able to tell them apart.”
  • “A few months ago, AIs were making pretty simple illustrations, and now I’m seeing this.”
  • “If you can fix the flickering problems, that would be a big step forward for AIs.”

AI, Impressive Anime Scene Video

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