Arnold Schwarzenegger is unbeatable, approved Sylvester Stallone

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone share an intense rivalry since the 1980s is widely renowned. However, as the two action stars are no longer locked in yearly box office battles, they have managed to reconcile their differences. In a surprising turn of events, Stallone even makes a cameo in the latest Netflix documentary titled “Arnold,” where he commends his former adversary for revolutionizing the action genre. Stallone reminisces about the stark contrast between the action film landscape when they first entered it and the remarkable transformation they achieved by collaborating together.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is unbeatable, approved Sylvester Stallone
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role in revolutionizing action filmmaking in the 1980s.

According to Stallone, the 1980s marked a captivating period as the archetype of the ultimate “action guy” had yet to take shape. Prior to that era, action movies mainly revolved around thrilling car chases like those seen in “Bullitt” or “The French Connection.” They focused on intellectual elements, subtle insinuations, and the power of verbal exchanges.

With the arrival of the 1980s, human protagonists took center stage as the driving force behind action blockbusters, replacing the dominance of car-centric narratives. Stallone attributed Schwarzenegger as one of the pioneering actors who spearheaded this physically immersive approach to action filmmaking. According to Stallone, in this new approach, the body itself became a crucial storyteller, rendering dialogue less essential. Recognizing the unique opportunity at hand, Stallone observed that besides himself, the only other individual exploring this style was a fellow Austrian, who possessed an exceptional ability to convey without needing many words. Schwarzenegger stood out as a superior force, possessing the answers, an impressive physique, and remarkable strength, all of which contributed to the essence of his on-screen characters.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is unbeatable, approved Sylvester Stallone
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Stallone’s admiration for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s durability and resilience on set.

Stallone reminisced about how Schwarzenegger’s remarkable muscular physique granted him a remarkable resilience on set, enabling him to continue filming even in the face of injuries that would have impeded other actors.”I was constantly getting beaten up, whereas Arnold rarely suffered any injuries,” Stallone reflected. “I used to think, ‘Arnold, you could engage in a battle with a dragon and return with nothing more than a Band-Aid.'”

Schwarzenegger, in turn, wasted no time reciprocating the admiration and showering Stallone with praise. He credited the creativity of the writer of “Rocky” for preventing him from becoming complacent and compelling him to constantly innovate in order to remain relevant.”Every time Stallone released a movie like ‘Rambo II,’ I had to find a way to surpass that,” Schwarzenegger explained. “Without Stallone, perhaps I wouldn’t have been as driven in the 1980s to undertake the kind of movies I did and put in the same level of effort. I am inherently competitive by nature.”

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