Amazon’s Taboo Season 2: Tom Hardy’s comeback after 6 years

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For over half a decade, fans of Tom Hardy have been waiting for “Taboo” updates. One of the series managers now delivered a pleasant update about “Taboo Season 2”.

Tom Hardy is undoubtedly one of the greatest movie stars of our time. Works such as “Inception,” “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Warrior” enjoy lively popularity and the Brit is regularly praised for his performances. Even in the often-criticized “Venom” film adaptations, Hardy’s acting is generally singled out for positive praise. He also left his mark on the series landscape, for example in “Peaky Blinders – Gangs of Birmingham”.

Hardy also launched his own series, “Taboo,” which he co-wrote with his father Chips Hardy, and the duo also produced it together with “Peaky Blinders” creator Steven Knight, the latter also serving as showrunner. “Taboo” revolves around the adventurer and entrepreneur James Delaney, portrayed by Tom Hardy, who is presumed dead and returns to London in 1814 to rebuild his late father’s shipping business. In the process, however, he encounters numerous enemies who seek his life, while Delaney in turn seeks revenge for his father’s death.

Taboo Season 2: The shooting of new “Taboo” episodes to finally start

“Taboo” was met with a positive response at the time, with the Hardys’ series scoring particularly well with audiences: At IMDb, the title scores 8.3 points. More than the previous eight episodes of the BBC series, which can be seen here exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, were ordered shortly after the series started in March 2017. Since then, relatively little happened felt, even if Steven Knight gave some updates. Last year, for example, he hinted to Radio Times that filming for Season 2 of “Taboo” could start in late 2023.

Radio Times, in turn, now spoke with “Taboo” producer Dean Baker, who can reassure fans who are surely impatient, because apparently those responsible are sticking to their plan:

“We’re currently working on a second season of ‘Taboo,’ and hopefully we’ll be able to explore more Dickens with Steve, Ridley and Tom.”

Dean Baker

By Dickens, Baker is of course referring to Charles Dickens, whose story “Great Expectations” Baker adapted with Steven Knight as a mini-series launching March 26, 2023 on the BBC. The cross-reference to “Taboo” is just as fitting, after all, Charles Dickens lived at a time when James Delaney, portrayed by Tom Hardy, would also have been acting in England.

By the way, if you’re wondering who the Ridley mentioned by Baker is, it’s none other than the busy directing legend Ridley Scott, who is also involved in “Taboo” as a producer.

So Dean Baker’s statements once again raise hopes that filming on a second season of “Taboo” can actually start this year. Much depends, of course, on the schedule of Tom Hardy, who is also rarely idle, but who is likely to be busy shooting “Venom 3” soon, as Hardy himself indicated. After that, however, it could hopefully finally go back to the 19th century for him.

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