20 Verified Tips for Reaching a Million Views: Mastering TikTok Virality in 2024

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Advertisers and content creators often struggle to develop a game plan to crack how to go viral on TikTok. It’s pertinent to understand that TikTok algorithms are strikingly different from other social media platforms. That’s not all. TikTok is far more strictly regulated because the platform actively eliminates spam and repetitive content to provide its users with fresh and unique content.

If you want to discover how to get viral on TikTok, it’s wise to curate a comprehensive content plan that prioritizes creativity and experimentation. At GCG Media, we have devised 20 tried-and-tested strategies that have helped our clients boost views and visibility.

1.      Follow the Content Policies

TikTok reviews and approves every single post to ensure its content policies and community guidelines are followed by all users. Most content creators focus too much on how to go viral on TikTok and pay no attention to copyright violations, plagiarism and banned keywords. Such missteps can lead to visibility restrictions, shadowbans and even permanent bans.

If you want to make your TikTok viral, you need to read through the platform’s community guidelines and incorporate them into your content strategy. This will eliminate review delays and help you avoid restrictions.

2.      Understand your Audience’s Preferences

Here’s a common hurdle that’s preventing your TikToks from going viral: you haven’t defined your target audience. Content creators who don’t personalize their content to audience preferences commonly struggle with the question, Why Does my TikTok Have 0 Views? In order to crack how to make your TikTok go viral, you need to analyze your audience and embrace their preferences.

3.      Create High-Definition Videos

Upgrading your content quality is another strategy to make your TikTok viral because the platform boosts visibility for high-definition clips. TikTok wants to provide its users with high-quality, original content and low quality videos are typically restricted. We strongly suggest investing in premium gear and a high bandwidth WiFi to eliminate quality concerns.

4.      Create Attention-Grabbing Hooks

In order to crack how to get viral on TikTok, creators must understand that every second matters when it comes to capturing audience attention. The first three to six seconds can make or break your brand on TikTok. If you fail to grab attention and capture your audience in the first six seconds, they’ll most likely ignore your clips in favor of more entertaining content.

5.      Make your Content Purposeful

We’ve encountered innumerable content creators who’re too fixated on how to go viral on TikTok and neglect content ideation and quality. If your content lacks a purpose like educating or entertaining its audience, why would users engage with it?

TikTok users have a fleeting attention span and the only element that compels them to be attentive is a definitive purpose. Infusing your content with information, entertainment or another purpose will boost engagement to make your TikTok viral.

6.      Experiment with Short-Form Content Ideas

TikTok doesn’t support long-form video content, and creators need to experiment with ideas and templates that are suitable for short-form videos. At GCG Media, we invite advertisers to explore a wealth of templates and creative tools with TikTok Agency Account. This specialized account will streamline your content creation duties and supercharge your lead generation and lead nurturing goals through TikTok.

7.      Add Tempting CTAs

A call-to-action serves as a cue that interacts with the target audience, engaging them to develop a long-term affiliation. If you aren’t adding CTAs to your clips, your content isn’t humanized and lacks a personal touch. Most importantly, you’re leaving your audience without encouraging them to connect with your brand.

8.      Make your Clips Evocative

As you attempt to understand how to make your TikTok go viral, it’s important to prioritize research and analyze viral clips. This research will introduce you to the elements that make viral TikToks popular and captivating for users.

You’ll notice that most viral TikToks play on their audience’s emotions with evocative endings and intriguing storylines. If your audience feels emotionally charged, they will keep returning to engage with your content.

9.      Hack the TikTok Algorithm

Content creators who don’t understand how to manipulate the platform’s algorithms will never be able to figure out how to go viral on Tiktok. TikTok enhances audience reach and visibility for clips that have more views, likes, comments and reposts. Engaging with your audience is key to win over TikTok’s algorithms and expand your audience beyond your target regions. 

10. Add Trendy Background Music

TikTok has multiple agreements with music studios and producers to provide its users a never-ending supply of music clips for their videos. The platform encourages the use of background music and addresses copyright violations to ensure creativity remains undisturbed. If you’re not adding background music, you’re not embracing the trends that make TikToks go viral.

11. Participate in Challenges & Trends

Going viral on TikTok demands a strikingly different strategy than gaining fame and popularity on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Users must expand their creative vision beyond questions like how many views is viral on TikTok and focus more on the trends that gain traction.

TikTok is all about challenges, and in order to crack how to go viral, you need to participate in viral content trends. Be sure to add a unique spin to stand out as you participate in a challenge that’s been done by millions of users worldwide.

12. Be Careful about Using Keywords

Did you know that there’s a long list of keywords and terms that TikTok has banned on its platform? That’s right, and if you’re struggling to bypass restrictions and get speedy approvals for your post, you’re likely using these banned keywords.

13. Add the Right Hashtags

Hashtags should be an essential element of your TikTok content strategy as they make your clips relevant to their target audience. We strongly urge all creators to prioritize research and identify all the hashtags their target users engage with. Then, you can incorporate these hashtags to your posts and make them more relevant to your intended users.

14. Interact with Users in the Comments

Do you interact with your followers in the comments section? If not, you don’t fully understand how to get viral on TikTok and gain traction on this platform. You see, comments are an integral element that make a TikTok viral because they indicate user engagement. Opening a conversation and interacting with your audience in the comments will boost views and expand audience reach dramatically.

15. Get Creative with your Community

TikTok offers brands and creators a plethora of tools to build a community and foster a deep-rooted connection through creative endeavors. Features like Duet and Stitch allow advertisers and creators to ensure their target audience feels heard and seen. It all boils to giving and seeking inspiration from your intended users while capitalizing on trends and hashtags.

16. Collaborate with Fellow Creators

If you’re looking for a guaranteed approach on how to go viral on TikTok, look no further than collaborations. TikTok greatly rewards advertisers and creators who collaborate to create fresh and original content that aligns with the community guidelines. Besides, collaborating with other brands and influencers is a dynamic strategy to expand your audience and gain more popularity.

17. Experiment with all Features & Tools

How many features and tools do you use while curating content for TikTok? If you’re only restricting yourself to background music and filters, you’re not exactly strategizing how to get viral on TikTok. TikTok offers a vast variety of interactive features to capture your audience with highly immersive videos.

If you find content creation overwhelming, consider investing in TikTok Agency Account to enjoy dedicated support from GCG Media and TikTok. You can get creative with a wealth of interactive templates and get each campaign reviewed from our seasoned experts.

18. Offer your Audience Diversity

If you’re wondering how to go viral on TikTok with dozens of clips that follow the same format, template and ideas, you’ll likely find little success. TikTok rewards creators who experiment and conceptualize novel ideas. If you want to discover how to make your TikTok go viral, experiment and explore new ideas and come up with something fresh and exciting!

19. Post Regularly to Maintain Engagement

At GCG Media, our extensive experience in managing social media campaigns has taught us that audience engagement demands regularity. If you’re not engaging with your audience every day, you’ll always struggle to maintain steady engagement and connection. Post regularly to maintain audience engagement and set the stage for making your TikTok viral.

20. Avoid Spamming Users with Product Links

TikTok has a strict attitude toward advertisers who mislead users and spam them with product links. TikTok advertising demands subtlety and creativity, and dropping affiliate or product links will lead to visibility restrictions. Instead of adding product links in your campaigns, intrigue your audience with content that captivates and encourages them to explore further.

Final Thoughts

Our 20 verified strategies will help you figure out how to go viral on TikTok with creative experimentation and expanding your artistic horizon. TikTok is a creative platform that harnesses and rewards creativity. It encourages users to break free from the box of repetition and recreate viral challenges with their own unique spins.

If you embrace TikTok Agency Account, you can curate highly immersive ad campaigns with specialized guidance from our experts. At GCG Media, we understand the challenges of content creation in today’s fast-paced realm of social media where trends are evolving at lightning speed.

Our dedicated account will equip you with resources to streamline content creation while reducing your advertising spending. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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